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Grain Dryers

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SQ Series Dryers

Better manage the quality and condition of harvested grain with Brock’s innovative, fuel-efficient SQ Series Dryers with easy to operate dryer controls.

SQ Series lone of dryers also offer a choice of continuous flow drying modes.

Sq Series Dryer’s unique EVENFLO Grain Unloading System.

Meyer Tower Dryers

All Meyer Energy Miser Tower Grain Dryers utilize multi-mode drying and you can choose:

  • Full Heat
  • Pressure heat with suction cooling
  • Pressure heat with pressure cooling

Meyer Tower Dryer’s advanced QUANTUM Dryer Controller is standard.

M/C Tower Dryers

Vacuum cooling is key to the popularity and success of M-C Tower Dryers.
Reclaiming heated air from cooling the grain results in less fuel usage and significant dollar savings. After blending the ambient air drawn from outside, the pre-heated air is returned to the blowers, lowering energy consumption and producing maximum efficiency.

M-C Tower Dryers give maximum capacity while taking up less valuable square footage in your grain set up. Easy to operate, clean and quiet, reliable and efficient…M-C tower dryers provide the best means to lower input costs and add profit to your harvest.